We are Medical Coding and Physician Reimbursement Experts

Coding and Physician Reimbursement Analysts, Inc. (CPR Analysts) is a physician-owned organization. Our mission is to maximize profitability by optimizing your medical coding and physician reimbursement operations.


CPR Analysts provides expert profit maximization strategies for medical practices. CPR Analysts is physician-owned and therefore we offer unique perspectives into this vital area of your practice. Our goal is to maximize your profits through unrivaled practical knowledge of medical coding and physician reimbursement.

Expert Insight

CPR Analysts creates value by integrating coding mastery with all relevant information—clinical, financial and regulatory—to produce a customized, strategic, code-based profitability analysis. A main driver of our success is our extensive involvement at the highest echelons in medical coding and physician reimbursement organizations throughout the nation.

Certified Specialist

L. Neal Freeman, MD, MBA, FACS is President and Founder of CPR Analysts. Dr. Freeman has the rare distinction of certification as both a Certified Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based and a Certified Professional Medical Auditor.

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