Medical Coding and Physician Reimbursement Services

CPR Analysts creates value through a broad range of medical coding and physician reimbursement services.

Internal analysis

  • Review of charting and documentation processes
  • Review of encounter forms for appropriate, optimal code selection
  • Development of customized encounter forms and examination templates
  • Operative note coding
  • Fee schedule analysis
  • Review of explanation of benefits/remittance advice
  • Review of coverage policies by payer
  • Code-specific profitability analysis customized by payer


  • Preparation of appeals and response to denials
  • External audits, physician advocacy and support
  • Response to coding and reimbursement questions
  • Email alerts


  • Education and training seminars (on-site and distance learning)
  • Publications and monographs

Custom work

  • Customized project work and research


  • Telephone consultation, online support and report preparation are available
  • Fees vary by the nature of the work

Expert witnessing

Medicare; Medicaid; private insurance; CPT coding; ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding; fraud and abuse; audits; False Claims Act; Personal Injury Protection (PIP); DRGs; fair and reasonable value; usual; customary; and reasonable (UCR) value